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Emerson Denton

Our local hero this issue is Emerson Denton for his generosity helping people with his electrical and technical skills and his capacious understanding of how things work. He has also helped many children with English, Maths and Geography to help them go on and make something of their lives.

Living a good life in Babylon near Manchester, Jamaica, Emerson's parents had 17 children, 10 of whom survived and live in the UK, Germany, and back home in Jamaica. Emerson's father came to England from Jamaica in 1954 as a nuclear engineer and brought Emerson over a few years later to become an apprentice precision engineer after he had completed his electricians course in Jamaica. His mother arrived in the 60's with the remaining children, but she eventually returned to her beloved Jamaica. Emerson has carried on studying and is a qualified programmer, a book worm and general know all!

A slight man, with large capable hands and a friendly face, he is affectionately known as the Mad Professor. He is highly appreciated for his electrical and technical skills and his inventiveness. He has worked with many recording studios, particularly C Jam Productions and has his own studio at his home on Shaftesbury Avenue in Montpelier. Somehow he also finds time to play the piano for the Bristol Reggae Orchestra and is currently composing a new piece for them. And, yes, he teaches piano too!

Emerson was married to Monica for 33 years and they had 3 children. She remained in Fishponds when he moved to Montpelier in 1996 once the children had all grown up. You may have seen him working alongside Dutty Ken at the Star and Garter, you may remember him helping you learn your maths or English. Perhaps you are having piano lessons with him. For a man of so many parts, I am surprised I hadn't known him sooner but glad I know him now.

-Hilary Finch

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