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Culture Declares Emergency

Theatre producer and climate activist Chloe Naldrett shares news on recent events highlighting the Climate and Ecological Emergency. The future of our planet, and the irresponsibility of those in charge, is a major source of anxiety for me. Taking action has been the antidote to the despair. Here are some of the things that have been going on lately, with details of how to get involved. As Greta says, ‘once you begin to act, hope is everywhere’.

Our Air, Our City

Wasn’t it nice breathing clear air for the first time during lockdown? Shouldn’t that be the norm, not the exception? This campaign to tackle the city’s illegal levels of air pollution is being run in partnership with community groups across the city. We want the voices of those who are living in the most polluted areas – who are the least culpable citizens when it comes to creating the pollution – to be at the front and centre of the campaign. If you represent a community group and would like to learn more about how you can get involved, email

Culture Declares Emergency: Bristol

Friday 28 th April saw the launch of a local chapter of the nationwide Culture Declares Emergency movement. The launch featured a range of artists and activists reading their ‘Letters to the Earth’. Contributors included Vocalise’s own Vandna Mehta, Green Councillor Cleo Lake, Tribe of Doris’s Deasy Bamford plus poet and musician Pete The Temp. CDE Bristol will be holding a regional assembly this autumn, and we invite artists and arts organisations to join us. Find us on Facebook at Culture Declares Emergency: Bristol and Beyond.

Extinction Rebellion

You may have seen XR Bristol engaging with people over the Bank Holiday. XR’s commitment to social justice is threaded through its key demands, which are: 1. Tell the Truth, 2. Act Now, and 3. the creation of a Citizen’s Assembly. On Saturday we heard from Cleo Lake about our global connections, from Usha Bholah about de-colonisation and Jendayi Serwah from Stop the Maangamizi: We Charge Ecocide/ Genocide. XR is building mutually supportive relationships with groups across Bristol and welcomes everyone to our weekly rebel meetings. For more info visit

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