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Vocalise Bristol CIC was established in 2016 to fill the gap for a high-quality local magazine and has since gathered a large, loyal and engaged readership which is always growing.

Vocalise is best known through its physical form that can be picked up from key businesses and community centres across Ashley Ward. Our distribution covers some of the most creative, vibrant and diverse areas of Bristol. 

We actively engage in the community, writing about local artists, people and events. We are passionate about amplifying and connecting voices across Ashley and publishing content that matters to local people.

Creating a Cohesive Community

Our Vision

A strong, cohesive community that celebrates diversity – where everyone has a voice and can fully develop their potential.


Our Values

Inclusivity, sustainability, community focus, cooperation, political neutrality, inspiration and fun!


Our Mission

To create a sustainable means of communication for the residents of Ashley Ward in order to strengthen and empower the community so that every person is well informed and able to participate.

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Facilitator, Mother, Changemaker, Community Arts & Development, Events Management, vegan cook.


“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” - a Sanskrit phrase deriving from Maha Upanishad, (Vedas, Hindu scriptures) meaning "the world is one family".


Born in London’s East End to Kenyan-Hindu Parents, my foundation has been of embracing all cultures. Unity in diversity is something that has been instilled in me from birth. In the Summer of 2012, I moved to the vibrant Neighbourhood of St Werburghs, Bristol as a lone parent. This is where I was inspired to start Vocalise Magazine in December 2015. My motivation to start a community magazine was steered by my passion to create a platform for underrepresented voices. To support the community; to celebrate local people, keep them connected, inform them of local events and news, and inspire positive change. I am well-known in Bristol for creating fun, interactive gatherings with people from all walks of life and backgrounds. Although I started my career path in Psychology and education, I now work Freelance in arts and the media. I recognise the benefit of the arts and how it can heal and impact wellbeing. Tribe of Doris Festival, Bristol Refugee festival, Diverse Artists Network (DAN) and DIY Arts Network are a few of the local projects I am actively involved with as well as of course Vocalise Magazine.

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Article Director


I spent most of my childhood abroad so when I got back to the UK I eventually decided to stick a pin in a map to chose where to live and it arrived on Bristol. 
I had never heard of the place!  I came up from staying with relatives in Cornwall to check out this vibrant city and stayed. 
I had a pillow my cousin gave me, a guitar, a few clothes and maybe £10 in my pocket.  Initially, I squatted but fortunately, the Evening Post took me on as a junior reporter.  I have had a variety of jobs including scene painting at the Theatre Royal and a bunch of different office jobs.  I have also had my own cafe business in Bath and a sewing business by the Arches here in Bristol.  I have been retired for a long time now but do alterations and Repairs at St Paul's Learning Centre once a month.


         I have moved around the city a lot, come and gone to other places, but always return.  Now there are four generations of us here in Ashley Ward, the latest being my great-grandson.  I have been writing for Vocalise for several years and am one of the Directors. 




Project Coordinator

I am from Warsaw, the capital
of Poland and I first came to the UK in 2016 to study. Since then, I have been moving around England to finally end up in Bristol over a year ago with an intention to stay just for a few months. As you can probably guess, I fell in love with the city almost immediately. For the first time since I left my home country, I can say that I found a place which feels like home. 


This place turned out to be a tiny flat in Ashley Ward. The more I was getting to know the area and its community, the less reasons I could find for leaving.

I have now settled in Bristol, doing my masters and working for the magazine.
My responsibilities as a project coordinator are designing the issues, organising events and running social media among others.

I would like to thank you all for reading the magazine and providing so many amazing things to write about. 

I’m very proud to be a part of Vocalise and its beautiful and diverse community.

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